The UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicule ) used is an Hexacopter, It's 6 electrical engines can carry our media equipment with great stability
This let us carry the 2 main sources of weight that are the photo or video equipment as well as the 3 batteries during the flight
The hexacopter is mainly silent and non polluting
Our service is realised thanks 2 persons , the cameraman who control the still camera or the videocamera and the tillt of is as well as the pilot of multicopter
both receiving the video signal of flight
The drone include either a NIKON DSLR or a Video Steadyshot SONY Camera
It is fully equipped with GPS and Altimeter

Once agreed with the customer needs, the job will quickly begin
Taking off and Landing doesn't need too much space
The limit of the flight is m height upper the ground
We can as well fly indoor

Security and Weather

The weather conditions are important, in order to get the smoothest movements, the wind has to be low
For sure Rain or Storms doesn't let us taking off
This prioritically a question of security
Our pilot always take the decision to take off or not, depending all conditions as human security prevails on all
Therefore, without any official authorisation, we will not take off on crowded space
and we need always authorisation from the owners of land overfly before taking off

We fly anywhere in Thailand and soon much more

Do not hesitate to ask us a quotation